Chicago Botanic Garden Orchid Show of Wonders

Orchids by MirrorOrchids by Mirror


Hello JillJensenPhoto Beautiful People!

I am finally coming out of the gray winter days. One of my favorite things to do while waiting for the warmer, sunnier weather is to attend the annual Chicago Botanic Garden Orchid Show.  This year the theme was circus - thus the Orchid Show of Wonders moniker for this year's show. Extremely lovely, the orchids are breath taking and one cannot but feel the lilt of spring arriving after viewing.  The orchids, once the show runs its course, are sold to garden visitors and so do not worry, the orchids find forever homes and of course then all is well with the world.  The staff stages a brilliant display year after year, and it is my pleasure to bring a little bit of the magic to my JillJensenPhoto beautiful people that I know enjoy the exquisite beauty that orchids possess.  So, here's to the first few days of spring and wishing everyone safe travels and joy as the outdoors start to beckon. Oh yes, please use code FreeShip2024 at checkout for free shipping. Cheers!

Have fun, be kind and remember smile for the camera,

Jill Jensen


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