As the Summer Party Winds Down, Fall Winds Up

Hello JillJensenPhoto Beautiful People!

How was your summer?  I hope fine and dandy.  As summer winds down and before the autumn colors reign supreme, there are a few moments in time between seasons where the sun is very hot still, but one can feel summer fading fast.

One afternoon this past weekend, I was able to take a walk in the prairie and woods and it was such a delightful time.  I felt as if I had tumbled down the rabbit hole and was waiting for the Cheshire cat to grin on down at me from a tree, but he never did appear!

The day was one of those cherished days that one holds on to, perfect and splendid in every way, leaving one in awe of nature and glad to be part of the grand scheme of life.

The Midwest is filled with scenes like the ones in my new Summer Fading into Fall gallery,

JillJensenPhoto | Summer Fading Into Fall

Those of us living in the Midwest love the simple beauty of the prairie, subtle and understated, but still captivating and exhilarating to take a hike through.

I will be checking back in with autumn’s full colors soon but until then, enjoy free shipping (use coupon code Autumn2023) on any product or photo in my shop and don’t forget to enjoy this magical time between summer and fall.

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Jill Jensen

Bridge in the Prairie 2Bridge in the Prairie 2