Endless Summer

Hello and Happy August,

Been awhile since the blog was updated, been out and about taking photos, and enjoying being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine like most of us this summer.  Currently, I have a few new galleries I am assembling that will showcase some of the gorgeous areas in the Midwest. I reside in the Midwest which I know conjures up images of miles and miles of soy and corn fields and plenty of prairie too, but this is the treasure if you live here. There is something grounding about the Midwest that keeps one’s feet on the ground, not too crazy and not too boring that strikes a beautiful balance.  The four seasons, while all four seasons only seem to happen every now and then, spring is too short, and it seems there is even a shorter summer, but fall is fine and winter is divine!  Kidding, for me winter is a long, grueling experience here but that super inspires me to really go, go, go in the summer, and to not take a day of fun in the sun for granted.  So, here’s to summer!  Thanks for the support and please check back soon for the new galleries.

Thank you,

Jill Jensen